Investor relations

The company believes that it is in its interests and also that it has a duty to the market to have an ongoing dialogue with its shareholders and institutional investors based on a common understanding of their roles. Such dialogue takes place within the boundaries established for confidential information to ensure that investors and potential investors receive information upon which they can base their investment decisions.

Therefore, it set up the current Investor Relations unit in July 2001 headed by the Investor Relator (presently Lawrence Young Kay) whose specific duties include managing relations with investors. This person has an e-mail address specifically for receiving communications and requests from shareholders (investor.relations@Salini The company’s Internet site has a section for relations with investors (“Investor Relations”) where all the financial information can be found as well as up-to-date documents of interest to the shareholders, in order that they may exercise their rights in an informed manner.

Salini  Impregilo  posts  information  of   interest   to   its   shareholders   on   its   Internet site

Following the merger of Salini S.p.A. into Impregilo, as of 1 January 2014, the company's former   website   was    replaced    with    the    Group's    new website . This site contains all the regulated information, as required by applicable regulations, already published in the company's former website.