Learning Academy

The Salini Impregilo Learning Academy was established in 2015 with the launch of the international training program on Administration, Finance and Control for Non-Financial and Financial Managers.

The Learning Academy promotes a model and information system that leverages company knowhow and promotes its acquisition. The Academy’s programs and training initiatives contribute to the professional specialization and managerial development of individuals, promoting the acquisition of core competencies and knowledge transfer.

The Administration, Finance and Control international training program involved approximately 200 managers of the company, with the objective of sharing the Group’s finance and industrial accounting program, providing tools to enable them to proactively contribute to corporate dynamics.

The project, which consisted of 8 international session for a total of 1,916 training hours, was developed by promoting internal competencies: course design and training, as a matter of fact, were entrusted to internal trainers, in order to leverage their expertise.

At the same time, technical and institutional training programs were implemented in 2015.