The portfolio of concession activities held by the Salini Impregilo Group includes two main business areas: a first one, comprised of investments in already active concession holder companies in Argentina, Peru, Colombia and the United Kingdom, and a second one , consisting of Greenfield projects, which includes contracts for infrastructures in Italy and Peru that are still under construction and with regard to which the activities under concession will begin in the future.

The tables that follow show the key figures of the concession portfolio at the end of the period, broken down by type of activity.


CountryConcessionaire Company% of investmentTotal kmStageStart dateEnd date
Italy Broni - Mortara 61.08 50 Not yet active 2010 2057
Argentina Iglys S.A. 98   holding company    
  Autopistas Del Sol 19.82 120 Active 1993 2020
  Puentes del Litoral S.A. 26 59.6 in liquidation 1998  
  Mercovia S.A. 60 18 Active 1996 2021
Colombia Yuma Concessionaria S.A.(Ruta del Sol) 40 465 Active 2011 2036


CountryConcessionaire Company% of investmentTotal kmStageStart dateEnd date
Italy Milan subway Line 4 31.05 15 Not yet active 2014 2045
Peru Lima Metro 18.25 35 Not yet active 2014 2049


CountryConcessionaire Company% of investmentcapacity installedStageStart dateEnd date
Argentina Yacilec S.A. 18.67 T line Active 1992 2091
  Enecor S.A. 30.00 T line Active 1995 2094


CountryConcessionaire Company% of investmentpop. servedStageStart dateEnd date
Argentina Aguas del G. Buenos Aires S.A. 42.58 210,000 Liquidation    
Peru Consorcio Agua Azul S.A. 25.50 740,000 Active 2000 2027


CountryConcessionaire Company% of investmentNo. of bedsStageStart dateEnd date
Great Britain Impregilo Wolverhampton Ltd. 20.00 150,000 medical visits Active 2002 2032
  Ochre Solutions Ltd. 40.00 220 Active 2005 2038
  Impregilo New Cross Ltd. 100.00   holding company    
Turkey Gaziantep Hospital 35.50 1875 Not yet active    


CountryConcessionaire Company% of investmentNo. carsStageStart dateEnd date
Great Britain Impregilo Parking Glasgow Ltd. 100.00 1400 Active 2004 2034
Italy Corso del Popolo S.p.A. 55.00   Not yet active    


CountryConcessionaire Company% of investmentStageStart dateEnd date
Italy Piscine dello Stadio S.r.l. 70.00 Active 2014 2041