Alternative performance indicators

As required by Consob communication no. 6064293 of 28 July 2006, details of the performance indicators used in this Report and in the Group’s institutional communications are given below.

Financial ratios:

Debt/equity ratio: this ratio shows net financial position (shown with a minus sign when negative, i.e., net financial indebtedness) as the numerator and equity as the denominator. The items making up the financial position are presented in a specific table in the notes to the condensed interim consolidated financial statements. The equity items are those included in the relevant section of the statement of financial position. For consolidation purposes, equity used for this ratio also includes that attributable to non-controlling interests.

Performance indicators:

1. Gross operating profit: this ratio shows the sum of the following items included in the income statement:

a.Total revenue

b.Total costs, less amortisation and depreciation

This can also be shown as the ratio of gross operating profit to total revenue.

2. Operating profit: the operating profit given in the income statement, being the sum of total revenue and total costs.

3. Return on sales or R.o.S.: given as a percentage, shows the ratio of operating profit (as calculated above) to total revenue.

Adjusted income statement

The Group monitors the key figures of Lane Group for management purposes adjusting the IFRS figures prepared for consolidation purposes to present the results of the non-subsidiary joint ventures consolidated on a proportionate basis. These figures show the status of contracts managed directly by Lane or through non-controlling investments in joint ventures ("work under management", WUM).

With respect to the acquisition of Lane Industries Incorporated, the adjusted comparative figures for the first half of 2015 have been prepared using the same consolidation scope, combining Salini Impregilo Group’s key figures, restated compared to those shown in the 2015 interim financial report to consider the final disposal scope of Todini Group, with the key figures of Lane Group, which are its consolidated figures at 30 June 2015 prepared in accordance with US GAAP.