During 2014, the Company, following completion of the merger process, identified the key elements of the new organizational structure based on:

  • five Strategic Departments, in particular:
    • the Domestic Operations and the International Departments which coordinate and manage business activities in Italy and abroad, respectively;
    • the Group Finance and Corporate Department which coordinates administration, finance and control activities and certain corporate activities (legal and corporate affairs, investor relations and corporate communication);
    • the Administration Finance and Corporate Department which, reporting to the Group Finance and Corporate Department, manages administration, finance and control activities;
    • the Group HR and Organization Department which ensures definition and implementation of the guidelines for human resource management at the Group level.
  • structures in staff to the Chief Executive Officer which, with a matrix approach, provide technical and methodological support to the Strategic Departments and to business activities.

The merger process also involved the launch of specific projects and activities dedicated to the definition of the new process model and corporate procedures in line with the strategic guidelines established by the management and with current legislation. In this context, a number of procedures that regulate key corporate processes and activities have been defined and issued; a process that will continue throughout 2015 in order to complete the set of corporate regulations.