Acquisition of new orders

Romania – Sebes-Turda Highway

On January 3, 2014, the Salini Impregilo Group was awarded an order for the design and construction of a section of the Sebes-Turda highway in Romania.

The client is the National Stated Highway and Road Company of Romania (CNADNR) and the project is valued at about 121 million euros. The Sebes-Turda crosses the center of Transylvania, in the territory of the Alba and Cluj provinces. The work planned for the ”Sebes-Turda Lot.1” jobsite includes 17 kilometers of a highway with two lanes in each direction plus an emergency lane, bridges and viaducts for about 81,000 square meters and three highway interchanges.

 Peru - Lima Underground

On March 28, 2014, the international consortium formed by Impregilo, Salini Group (19%), Ansaldo Breda (12%) and Ansaldo STS (15%) - a Finmeccanica Company - the Spanish ACS Dragados Group (leader of the consortium with 25%), FCC (19%) and the manufacturer Peruvian Cosapi (10%) was awarded the contract maxi promoted by ProInversión - Agencia de promocion de la Inversion Privada for the granting of the construction and management of the enlargement of the London Underground network the city of Lima in Peru. The concession has a total value of approximately $ 9 billion of which approximately 4.7 for the construction of the works and the remaining infrastructure management during 35 years of the concession period. The participation of Impregilo, Salini construction is equal to 26% of the civil works. The project, to be completed in 5 years, includes 35 km of underground line.

Austria - Gallery Brenner, lot Tulfes-Pfons

On April 7, 2017, in an aggregation with the Austrian company STRABAG, was awarded a contract for the construction of the main Tulfes-Pfons lot in Austria of the Brenner Base Tunnel. This project, which is part of one of the main segments of the Trans European Networks (TEN), will consist of underground civil engineering construction for a segment of the exploratory access shaft, the emergency access shaft for the Innsbruck bypass and two interconnecting tunnels. This project, which calls for the construction of tunnels for a total length of 38 km, is valued at about 380 million euros. The interest held by Salini Impregilo in the aggregation is 49%.