Sierra Leone

Routine management and maintenance of the Bumbuna Hydroelectric Plant and its transmission line to the city of Freetown are progressing normally.

The contract value, which was originally € 10.2 million, has been increased to € 26.1 million.

On June 25, 2014, a new contract was signed with the Sierra Leone government for the installation of a substation at Lunsar, worth € 3.3 million.

Similar observations can be made for the “Rehabilitation of 21.2 km of urban town roads” contract for the rehabilitation of several stretches of road in the four major cities of Sierra Leone. With the signing of five new additions to the contract the value of the project has gone from the original € 10.3 million to € 30.2 million.

In addition, an addendum to the original contract was signed in 2013 for the rehabilitation of some roads in the Lunsar area, for an additional value of € 4.5 million.

On September, 2014, Variation Order No. 6 was signed for € 5.6 million. The total value of the contract amounts to approximately € 44.1 million.

Lastly, a new contract was signed on May 24, 2013 with the Sierra Leone Road Authority for the rehabilitation of 70 km of road as part of the “Sefadu roads rehabilitation project section 1 - Matotoka- Yiye” valued at approximately $ 30.7 million and funded by the African Development Bank.

The percentage of work completion as at June 30, 2015, was 55.1%.