The revenue booked in 2014 totaled €4,194.1 million (€3,262.4 million on a like-for-like basis) and included €3,458.5 million generated outside Italy.

Total consolidated revenue increased approximately 28.6% compared with the previous year. This increase essentially reflects, apart from the different consolidation time frame of the former Impregilo Group (nine months in 2013), the production progress on some large-scale projects abroad which, compared to 2013, became fully operational (Ethiopia, Denmark, Saudi Arabia and Qatar), up against which the substantial completion of major road and highways projects in Italy and the sale to external parties – finalized in the second half of the previous period – of activities related to the construction of Milan’s External East Bypass took place. Please also note that, as far as the Group’s foreign industrial activities are

concerned, during 2014 it was necessary to take into consideration the temporary slowdown in production of several large projects in Venezuela.

The item "Other revenue" includes mainly positive components of income originated in the projects in progress and arising from ancillary industrial activities not directly attributable to the contract with the client.