Relevant markets

Owing in part to the steady implementation of the plan to monetize and divest non-core activities, the relevant competitive scenario of the Salini Impregilo Group is currently represented by the global market for investments in the construction sector, with specific focus on the market for large, complex infrastructures.

The “Great Global Recession” of 2008-2012, while it penalized some business segments in the construction sector, such as residential and commercial real estate, did not slow demand for large infrastructures, which, on the contrary, continue to represent a strategic priority for the growth of the national economies of most countries, both industrialized and emerging, particularly in such regions as the Middle East, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and India.

According to a study prepared by McKinsey for the OECD, between 2014 and 2030, a total of 57,300 billion dollars will be invested in infrastructures, with about 29% earmarked for investments in roads and highways, 21% for energy infrastructures, 20% for hydraulic projects, 17% for telecommunications and13% for subways/railways, airports and ports.

For the immediate future (2014-2017), projections consequently call for a rising trend in global demand for infrastructures, with an annual increase of 9%, in the energy, transportation and civil engineering segments. With this in mind, the need faced by the more economically developed countries to replace or expand the existing infrastructures, no longer sufficient to meet growing energy needs, represents an important business opportunity. In addition, numerous emerging and developing countries must increase mobility and upgrade their energy and water delivery systems to support economic development.

In this environment, Salini Impregilo is focused on seizing opportunities at the global level, consolidating its presence in the geographic regions where it is already established and equipping its operational organization with the competencies needed to enter new markets and thus build the foundation to achieve the targets of the 2014-2017 Industrial Plan.