Industrial relations and management of headquarters personnel

Election of the company union representatives for the Rome office

Through letters dated January 21, 2015, the trade union confederations initiated the procedure for the establishment of the Company Union Representatives of Salini Impregilo S.p.A., Todini Costruzioni Generali S.p.A., Co.Ge.Ma. S.p.A. at the operational headquarters in Rome. The elections were duly held on February 20 and 23.

On March 13, the newly elected company union representatives requested and obtained a meeting with the Representatives of the Company, thereby initiating the dialogue aimed at laying the foundations for a process of fair and proper trade union relations.

Extension of company regulations from the Milan office to the Rome offices

With the aim of facilitating the process of integration resulting from the merger and ensuring equality of treatment for all employees of the Group by providing a system based on principles of flexibility, transparency and protecting the well-being of workers, the company’s regulations in force at the Milan office were extended to the Rome offices, after having identified the packages provided to the Milan staff. The extension of the company regulations, effective from August 1, 2015, was implemented through the signing of the agreement dated July 7, 2015. 

Integration of offices

As part of the process of integration of the Milan and Rome offices, the Company – which is determined to pursue the objectives of efficiency improvement of Corporate processes and procedures, overall optimization of Group costs, and a coherent and targeted remix of the professional expertise within the company population – has initiated a process of dialogue with the Group's trade unions and trade union representatives, through the meetings of June 10 and 17, and company representatives evaluate all the instruments available to mitigate any impact on the workers of the actions taken in the short term for the above purposes.