Other information

Compliance with the requirements of Article 36 of the Market Regulations

Salini Impregilo confirms that it complies with the requirements of Article 36 of Consob No. 16191 (the "Market Regulations"), based on the procedures adopted before the above-mentioned regulations went into effect and the availability of the related information.

Other information

In accordance with the requirements set out in Article 2428 of the Italian Civil Code, the Company discloses that it did not carry out any research and development activities in the first half of 2015.

Share buy-back

The share buy-back programme, as decided by the Ordinary Shareholder's meeting of Salini Impregilo, held on September 19, 2014, began in October 6, 2004, and to the date of this Half-Year Financial report there are No. 3,104,377 shares equal to € 7,676,914.46.