Property, plant and equipment, intangibles and non-current financial assets

Net property, plant and equipment, intangibles and non-current financial assets were up € 90.9 million. The main changes that occurred in this item compared with the end of the previous year are reviewed below:

  • amortization and depreciation for the period caused a reduction of the net value of these assets for a total amount of € 100.8 million;
  • investments in tangible assets of the period, amounted to € 106.4 million and have mainly concerned some large recently acquired projects in Ethiopia and in Qatar and in Italy, with particular reference to High Speed/High Capacity Milan - Genoa railway line;
  • investments in intangible assets, totalling € 44.5 million mainly concerned the acquisition of an additional share in the Line 3 Metro project;
  • changes to the consolidation scope for € 31.1 million, especially referred to the acquisition, with effect from end of June 2015, of the investments made in the Seli Tunnelling Denmark;
  • the value of the investments, moreover, has increased by € 6,2 million, especially due to the effect of the capital injections made with reference to investments in unconsolidated companies.