The key elements of the new organizational were finalized in 2015. Specifically, the company undertook activities aimed at completing Corporate organizational structures as well as consolidating the matrix organizational model, with the goal of ensuring full transparency of Company processes through a management system for all corporate functions at all organizational levels and the clear identification of:

  • “Business” functions, responsible for conducting the business within the Group’s Operating Units (Contracts, Companies and Consortia);
  • “Competence” or guidance functions responsible for providing guidelines, control and specialist support for the management of business activities.

The Company also completed the optimization and finalization of its procedural framework, whose key elements had already been defined during 2014, to bring it closer into line with the Company’s new organizational structure and the consequent evolution of the process model.

Specifically, through this activity, it verified existing procedures with respect to both the ongoing optimization of company processes, in dialogue with the organizational units concerned, and the compliance of some of these units with Italian Law 262/05. This activity included creating the framework for the future implementation of new policies, operating procedures and operating manuals, in line with the organizational structured defined, the developments of business and organizational competencies model as well as legal compliance requirements.

Moreover, to facilitate the dissemination and understanding of the new procedural and organizational structure, development work on a number of video tutorials on an e-learning platform that will explain the main company processes in simple language was started.