Profit (loss) from discontinued operations

Profit from discontinued operations totaled €17.4 million (loss of €102.1 million in the previous financial year). The reported profit is the net result of the following factors:

  • a loss of €0.9 million (negative by 14.6 million) reported by the remaining activities of the SUW Campania Projects;
  • a net profit of €85.1 million (loss of €1.2 million in 2013) recognized as a result of the completion of the sale of the investment in the German company Fisia Babcock Environment GmbH to third parties. The Group held this investment through its subsidiary Impregilo International Infrastructures N.V. Upon completion of the sales transaction a net gain of €89.2 million was recognized, partially offset by the net loss, and amounting to roughly €4.1 million, which the company itself had contributed to the Group for the period prior to the sale;
  • a net loss of €66.8 million (a loss of €86.3 millions) posted by Todini in the financial year.

Complete information about the main developments affecting the various assets held for sale and discontinued operations is provided in the relevant chapter included in this Annual Report entitled "Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations".