On December 18, 2013, the Group won the first contract in Sydney to design and build the so-called “Skytrain” bridge, as well as other civil engineering works which will form one of the main sections of the new North West Rail Link (NWRL). The project has a value of about 340 million Australian dollars, equal to about € 220 million at the current exchange rate, and a total length of about 6.2 km, and includes construction of a bridge measuring 4.6 km in length and a cable-stayed bridge 270 m long over one of the city’s busiest streets. Completion of the project is scheduled for the first half of 2017.

The contract's value has been brought to 390 million of Australian Dollars, due to changes regarding the project and accelerating measures implemented in order to amortize these changes.

The NWRL is the largest public transportation infrastructure project currently in progress in Australia, and the largest public transportation project in Sydney since construction of the Harbour Bridge nearly 100 years ago

The NWRL project includes a new 20 km railway layout, of which 15 km of tunnel, and eight new stations with 4,000 parking spaces. It will be opened to the public by 2019 for a total overall investment of approximately AUD 8.3 billion (Australian Dollars). It is the first automated railway system of the continent, a new step towards an ever-growing efficient high-speed transport system for Sydney and its metropolitan area.

The percentage of work completion as of June 30, 2015, was 34,9 %.