Non-current assets

Non-current assets increased by €153.5 million. They may be analysed as follows:

(€’000)30 June 201631 December 2015Variation
Property, plant and equipment 709,866 594,365 115,501
Intangible assets 185,380 193,821 (8,441)
Equity investments 177,739 131,254 46,485
Total non-current assets 1,072,985 919,440 153,545

Property, plant and equipment increased by €115.5 million, mostly as a result of:

  • the change in the consolidation scope of €115.1 million due to the acquisition of Lane and Lane Group’s acquisitions of assets for €11.2 million from Asphalt Roads and materials Company Inc.;
  • investments mostly made to the high speed/capacity Milan - Genoa railway section in Italy and the Riyadh Metro Line 3 in Saudi Arabia, the Ruta del Sol contract in Colombia, the Nenskra hydroelectric project in Georgia and Lane Group’s investments (€137.3 million);
  • depreciation for the period (€108.0 million).

Intangible assets show a net decrease of €8.4 million mainly due to:

  • inclusion of Lane in the consolidation scope (€5.1 million);
  • amortisation of the period (€15,5 million).

The increase in the equity investments is principally due to the investments in joint ventures acquired with Lane.