Profit (loss) from discontinued operations

This entry has performed negatively with an amount of € 11.6 million (positive for € 60.9 million compared to the previous year). This result includes:

  • a loss of € 6.8 million (loss for € 20.8 million) realised by Todini as regards the divisions subject to transfer to third parties;
  • a loss of € 4.8 million (loss for € 3.5 million) reported by the remaining activities of the USW Campania Projects.

With reference to the First Half of 2014, the entry reported, in addition to what has been mentioned above, the net profit equal to € 85.1million recognized as a result of the completion of the sale of the investment, held by the Group through its subsidiary International Infrastructures N.V, in the German company Fisia Babcock Environment GmbH.