Following the definition, in 2014, of the fundamental elements of the corporate organizational structure, the activities within the Organization area in the first half of 2015 were focused primarily on:

  • completing the second level organizational structures of the Corporate area;
  • consolidating the organizational matrix model designed to ensure full transparency of business processes, by using all the skills present in the company, through a guidance system for the Corporate functions at all levels of the organization that clearly identifies the:
    • “Business” functions, responsible for conducting the business within the Group Operating Units (Contracts, Companies and Consortia);
    • “Competence” or guidance functions responsible for providing guidelines, control and specialist support for the management of business activities.

The Company is also working on the optimization and completion of its procedural framework, whose elements had already been defined during 2014, to bring it closer into line with the Company's new organizational structure and the consequent evolution of the process model.

Specifically, this consists of verifying the procedures with respect to both the continued optimization of company processes, in dialog with the organizational units concerned, and the compliance of some of these units with Law 262/05.

To facilitate the communication and understanding of the new procedural and organizational structure, a number of video tutorials are being developed on an e-learning platform that will explain the main company processes in simple language.