Attraction and development of talent

The Employer Branding plan and recruiting and university career counselling activities

The employer branding and talent attraction plan in the most important Italian and international universities was continued during the period. The Group successfully organised and carried out 14 different projects involving university students and the business world, designed to select talented graduates, provide professional counselling and tutoring about construction sector career opportunities. They are organised through strategic agreements with the major Italian and international universities and by leveraging engagement initiatives such as career days, recruiting days, themed workshops in university facilities, presentations and visits to construction sites as well as communications via digital and social media, university websites and the main on-line job boards, which facilitate direct, ongoing dialogue with potential candidates.

Thanks to these activities, promoted by the HR and communication units, the Group obtained two important accolades as part of the OTAC (On Line Talent Communication) survey carried by the Swedish research company, Potential Park. Salini Impregilo is included in the 2016 classification as one of the top Italian companies in the “Social Media” and “Mobile” Talent Interaction categories, ranking 20th and 25th respectively.

Master in International Construction Management

The parent successfully continued its work with Milan Polytechnic, a leading university partner, on dedicated training and internship activities for young talented graduates with level I and level II master degrees in “International Construction Management”.

The Master course, for the first time held entirely in English, is attended by 15 Italian (67%) and international (33%) new graduates with degrees in civil engineering, construction systems, building architecture, providing unique theoretical and practical training. The course has two sections: the first of which includes classroom lessons, workshops, project works and site visits, with more than 300 hours of lessons provided by Salini Impregilo professionals. The second section consists of on-the-job training where the students perform internships under the guidance of company tutors after which they are required to write their master theses.

The young engineers are thus given a view of the Group’s business and on-hands experience of what it means to participate in the construction of large works, developing innovative construction solutions and acquiring the necessary technical skills thanks to the guidance provided by the best sector experts.

Salini Impregilo Best New Entry amongst Best Employers of Choice 2016

Salini Impregilo entered the “Top 20” of the “Best Employer of Choice” list (the list of the most desirable employers in Italy that Cesop Communication has compiled since 2002) and won the “Best New Entry 2016” award, with an overall ranking of 11 and as the only construction sector company.