Acquisition of new contracts

United States - Anacostia River Tunnel

On 8 May 2013, the Impregilo Group in association with Parsons Corporation, a leading construction company in the United States, won the tender for the design and construction of a section of the wastewater collection and treatment system for the city of Washington D.C.. The value of this technologically advanced project is approximately $ 254 million (the overall Group share is 65%). Impregilo will be the leader of the project which is expected to be completed in about four and a half years after starting work.

The 'Anacostia River Tunnel' project is part of the DC Water 'Clean Rivers' project and involves the construction of a hydraulic tunnel running partly under the Anacostia River, a tributary of the Potomac River. The tunnel will be about 3.8 km long, with an internal diameter of 7 metres, and it is also planned to build six 30-metre shafts for collecting water. The tunnel will channel wastewater and stormwater separately to prevent pollution of the rivers during floods (combined sewer overflows or “CSO”) that occur during periods of heavy rainfall.

Qatar – Red Line North Underground

On 17 May 2013, Impregilo, leading a consortium of companies (share 41.25%), won the tender issued by the Qatar Railways Company for the design and construction of the 'Red Line North Underground' in Doha. The Red Line North will run about 13 kilometres north from Mushaireb station with the construction of 7 new underground stations. The project involves the excavation of two parallel tunnels, one for each direction, approximately 11.6 km long with an internal diameter of 6.17 metres. The new project, along with another three metro lines, is part of a programme to build a new transport system infrastructure promoted by Qatar under the National Development Plan for 2030 ('Qatar National Vision 2030'), which provides for significant investment to ensure sustainable economic growth over time within the country and abroad.

The total contract value of the 'Red Line North' is about 8.4 billion Qatari Rials, or € 1.7 billion, of which approximately € 630 million is allocated for the design and civil works, with a further € 1.1 billion of 'provisional sums' for preparatory works, electromechanical systems and architectural work on the stations.

Saudi Arabia – Riyadh Metro Line 3

On 29 July 2013, Impregilo, as the leader (share 18.85%) of an international consortium including Ansaldo STS (Italy), Bombardier (Canada), Larsen & Toubro ( India) and Nesma (Saudi Arabia), won the tender for the Maxi contract issued by the Riyadh Development Authority for the design and construction of the new Line 3 (40.7 km) of the Riyadh metro, the longest line in the major project for the new metro network in the capital of Saudi Arabia.

The batch assigned to the Consortium is a significant part of the broader project for the contemporaneous construction of the new metro network of Riyadh, comprising six lines with an overall length of about 180 km) and a total value of about $US 23.5 billion. The other two large batches awarded at the same time as the one assigned to the Salini Impregilo consortium have been awarded to two other global groups containing some of the largest companies in the world: one led by the American company Bechtel and consisting of Almabani, CCC and Siemens and the other led by the Spanish company FCC and including Samsung, Freyssinet Arabia, Strukton and Alstom.

The total value of the works to be carried out by the Consortium for the design and construction of Line 3 is about $US 6.0 billion, of which about $US 4.9 is for the associated civil works.

Argentina - Riachuelo

On 15 July 2013, Impregilo, in association with its U.S. subsidiary S.A. Healy, won the tender for a batch of the construction works relating to a new main sewer, as part of the environmental remediation programme for the metropolitan region of the Province of Buenos Aires. The value of the project - promoted by AySA (Agua y Sanamientos Argentinos S.A.), one of the major operators in the water sector in Argentina - is approximately € 360 million.

The project involves the collection of wastewater from the Riachuelo treatment plant by means of a shaft about 40 metres deep. The wastewater will then be directed, through a tunnel approximately 11 km long and with a diameter of 3.8 metres, to a diffuser to be built on the bed of the Rio de la Plata (River Plate).

The initiative has a significant social and environmental value and is the first part of a wider programme, funded by the World  Bank, for sustainable development of the Matanza- Riachuelo catchment basin, aimed at the environmental restoration of the Riachuelo River and the areas it passes through, considered to be among the most polluted in the world.

Kazakistan – Almaty - Khorgos Motorway

On 15 July in Kazakhstan, Impregilo and Todini, the latter as leader in a joint venture with local company Kazakhdorstroy, were awarded the contract for the construction of four batches of the motorway between Almaty and Khorgos.

The project, promoted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has a total value of approximately € 295 million (Impregilo share 33.5%).

The works, funded by the World Bank, consist of modernising and doubling the existing motorway to a total of about 193 km and include the construction of five flyovers and a workforce of about 900 people.

The four batches are part of a wider project known as the ‘Western Europe – Western China International Transit Corridor’. This is the road corridor between Western Europe and Western China, the new 'Silk Road' that will link Europe and China, improving the infrastructural network of the area, promoting trade to and from Europe, and providing an important contribution to road safety in these areas.

Australia - Skytrain

On 18 December 2013, Salini Impregilo, through its Australian subsidiary, was awarded the first contract in Sydney for the design and construction of the "Skytrain" bridge and other civil works constituting one of the main sections of the new North West Rail Link (NWRL) railway line. The project has a value of about 340 million Australian dollars, equivalent at the current exchange rate to about € 220 million. It will have a total length of about 6.2 km and include the construction of a bridge 4.6 kilometres long and a 270-meter long cable- stayed bridge over one of the city's busiest roads. Completion of the work is scheduled for the first half of 2017.

The North West Railway Link is the largest public transport infrastructure project currently under way in Australia and the biggest public transport project in Sydney since construction of the Harbour Bridge almost 100 years ago. The NWRL project includes eight new stations and 4,000 parking spaces, and is expected to be open to the public by 2019, with a total investment of about 8.3 billion Australian dollars. This is the first system for fully automated high-speed trains on the continent, the first step towards the new rapid transit network in Sydney.

Italy – Porto di Ancona

On 18 December 2013, Salini Impregilo as head of a consortium was awarded the contract for the construction and operation of the road link between the Porto di Ancona, the A14 motorway and the SS 16 trunk road (the "Adriatica"). The value of the project is approximately € 480 million, and concession period is 30 years after completion of the works. The concession provides for total revenue for the period of operation of the infrastructure of about € 2.54 billion. The project financing proposal submitted by the consortium had been declared of public interest by the Board of Directors of ANAS (Italian Highways Agency) as early as April 2008.

Work on the new road infrastructure will begin in 2015, on completion of the procedure for the preparation and approval of the final design, and will be completed within five years. The new road will have a total length of about 11 km, plus main roads and link roads, representing a strategic initiative to optimise traffic flows between the Porto di Ancona, the city and the A14 motorway and allowing adequate growth of the Ancona logistical system based on the port, the freight terminal and the airport.

U.A.E. - Abu Dhabu - Dubai Motorway - Lot B

On 20 December 2013, Salini Impregilo was awarded lot B of the new Abu Dhabi-Dubai motorway in the United Arab Emirates. The work was commissioned by Abu Dhabi General Services ("Musanada") and represents one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country as part of the innovative "Abu Dhabi Plan 2030”. The contract was awarded to a consortium formed by Salini Impregilo S.p.A. and the local company Tristar Engineering & Construction (TE&C) and involves the construction of 28 km of the Abu Dhabi-Dubai motorway, with a completion period of 27 months. The works relating to Lot B of the project have a value of about 840 million United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED), corresponding to some €168 million at current exchange rates.