For a review of the main types of critical issues identified within the Group’s operations in Venezuela, refer to the information provided later in this section under the heading “Risk areas".

Puerto Cabello Railway – La Encrucijada

The work consists in building the civil engineering works of a railway stretch of about 110 km, connecting Puerto Cabello to La Encrucijada.

In June 2014, Salini Impregilo signed a new contract addendum with the Railway Institute for electromechanical works on the Puerto Cabello-La Encrucijada line. The value of the work included in the addendum, taking into account the new changes adopted by the Group, mentioned in the first part of this report, is roughly €350 million. The percentage of completion as of December 31, 2014 was 84.4%.

San Juan de los Morros-San Fernando de Apure Railway and Chaguaramas-Cabruta Railway

Impregilo, with a 33.33% share, is involved in the construction of two additional railway lines, "San Juan de los Morros-San Fernando de Apure" (252 km) and "Chaguaramas-Las Mercedes-Cabruta" (201 km).

In addition to the 453 km of new lines, the projects include rail design and installation and construction of 11 stations and 9 logistics centers.

Work was 44.0% complete for the "San Juan de los Morros - San Fernando de Apure" section at December 31, 2014.

It was 57.6% complete for the "Chaguaramas - Cabruta" section at December 31, 2014.