On July 15, 2013, Impregilo, in partnership with its US subsidiary Healy S.A., won the competitive bidding for a lot to build a new wastewater collection system in the capital of the country, as part of the environmental remediation program of the metropolitan region of Buenos Aires Province. The value of the project, led by AySA (Agua y Sanamientos Argentinos SA), one of the major players in the Argentine water sector, is approximately €360 million.

The project involves the collection of wastewater from the Riachuelo treatment plant by means of a pit about 40 m deep. The wastewater will then be conveyed through a tunnel measuring 11 km long and 3.8 m in diameter to an outlet that will be built on the bed of Rio de la Plata.

The initiative has a strong social and environmental value. It is the first part of a broader program funded by the World Bank for sustainable development of the Matanza-Riachuelo Basin, aimed at cleaning up the Riachuelo River and the regions it passes through, which are considered to be among the most polluted in the world.